Signs You May Need Help

"Once a room gets to a certain point of clutterdom, it breeds more clutter and a feeling that it's hopeless to get it back...Once something has lain in a certain spot long enough, it gets covered with more stuff. You feel like an archaeologist when you tackle it."  -Stop Clutter from Wrecking Your Life, Mike Nelson

  • You sometimes buy things only to find out later you had the item all along, but it was buried in a pile somewhere.
  • You dread coming home (or entering certain rooms) because of the gnawing heaviness you feel when you lay eyes on the piles and messes there.
  • You keep your curtains closed because you don't want the neighbors to see the clutter inside.  
  • You feel a terrible sense of shame. The clutter is like a dirty little secret you don't want anyone to know about.  
  • You haven't had guests over in ages. You avoid it at all costs, often making excuses for why someone can't come over.
  • There's a perfectly good room in the house that could be put to good use if it weren't basically being used as a "storage unit" for things you haven't used or seen in months or years.
  • You pay late fees often because bills get buried under other papers and forgotten about.
  • You've gotten used to the obstacle courses in your house--stepping over piles.

  • There isn't much floor space in certain room because it's mostly covered with "stuff."
  • You feel incredibly overwhelmed and tired when you even think about trying to tackle the clutter.
  • You've tried to deal with the mess, but you end up making it worse than when you started because you get interrupted and have to stop in the middle of the process.
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