Creating Organizing Systems
Solutions Tailor-Made to Fit Your Lifestyle
Implementing organizational systems helps maintain order. An organizational system is simply a method of keeping a particular category of items organized. For instance, a common organizational system for paperwork is the use of a filing cabinet.  Creating a system can be as simple as buying a spice rack, or as in depth as installing a customized closet system.
Clutter occurs when there is no system at all, or when current systems are ineffective. Often systems that once worked are outgrown, and need to be re-evaluated.
To be successful, an organizational system must be tailor-made to the individual (or individual family).  A system that works perfectly for one person may not be right for the next.  In order to formulate the systems that are best, it's important to evaluate a client's particular needs, lifestyle, priorities, schedule and  aesthetic style. 
Unless organizing systems are extremely practical and "user-friendly," they will eventually fail.
When I design an organizing system, I approach it as if I'm "rolling out the red carpet" for the client--so to speak--so that even the most tiny, subtle, psychological obstacles are taken into account.  Otherwise, slowly but surely, a client will resist using the system and the piles and the clutter will once again begin to accumulate. 
                                    "Less stuff, more happiness."
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